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Access the calendar and manage events.

  1. To access the calendar and manage events, from the home screen select Menu.
    device 5080/9006143_01.jpg
  2. Select Calendar.
    device 5080/9006143_02.jpg
  3. To change calendar view, select Options.
    device 5080/9006143_03.jpg
  4. Select Go To Weekly View.
    device 5080/9006143_04.jpg
  5. To add an event, select Add Event.
    device 5080/9006143_05.jpg
  6. Select Type and select Select.
    device 5080/9006143_06.jpg
  7. Select your desired event type and press OK.
    device 5080/9006143_07.jpg
  8. Select Start, then use the the key pad to enter the date. Press the down arrow when finished.
    device 5080/9006143_08.jpg
  9. Press the down arrow to select the time field, then use the keypad to enter the time. Press the down arrow to set the time to AM or PM, then press the down arrow when finished.
    device 5080/9006143_09.jpg
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 to set the End date and End time of your event. 
    device 5080/9006143_10.jpg
  11. Next select Subject, and use the keypad to enter the event subject. When finished, press OK.
    device 5080/9006143_11.jpg
  12. Select Alarm to set a time for the alarm to alert you before, or on, the event. You may set a custom alarm, or leave it off.
    device 5080/9006143_12.jpg
  13. Finally, select Repeat, to set the alarm to repeat every day, weekly, monthy, yearly, custom, and once. Select your desired option and select Save.
    device 5080/9006143_13.jpg
  14. Select Yes to save the event.
    device 5080/9006143_14.jpg
  15. To edit the event, from the calendar view, select Options > View All and press OK
    device 5080/9006143_15.jpg
  16. Select the desired event and press OK.
    device 5080/9006143_16.jpg
  17. Select Edit.
    device 5080/9006143_17.jpg
  18. Adjust as desired and select Save.
    device 5080/9006143_18.jpg
  19. Select Yes.
    device 5080/9006143_19.jpg
  20. Select Yes to overwrite.
    device 5080/9006143_20.jpg
  21. To delete an event, from the calendar view, press Options.
    device 5080/9006143_21.jpg
  22. Select Delete Event, for this demo select All and press OK.
    device 5080/9006143_22.jpg
  23. Use the keypad to enter your phone's password and press OK.
    device 5080/9006143_23.jpg
  24. When an event is created and an alarm is set, a notification will appear on the homescreen.
    device 5080/9006143_24.jpg

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