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Make & Receive a Call

Make & Receive a Call

Place, receive, and reject a call.



  1. To make a call from the home screen, enter the desired number and press the Call key.
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  2. To call a contact, from the home screen, select Menu > Address Book > Contact List.
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  3. Select the desired contact, select the desired number (if more than 1 number exists for that contact), then press the OK key.
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  4. To answer an incoming call, press the Call key.
    Note: Calls can also be answered by opening the phone if closed or by pressing the Shortcuts key (Answer).
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  5. To decline a call, press the END/Power key.
    Note: Calls can also be declined by pressing the Menu key (Reject). To learn about calling or using your device in other countries, visit the AT&T International website.
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