Phone Assembly
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Phone Assembly

Install and remove the SIM and battery.



  1. If a SIM is not in the device the “Insert SIM” message will display in the homescreen when the device is turned on. The device can only function for emergency calls to 911 in this state.
    device 5080/9006107_01.jpg
  2. The SIM Card tray is located under the back plate of the device. To take the plate off, lift the notch at the bottom of the phone.
    device 5080/9006107_02.jpg
  3. Remove the battery by lifting at the bottom of the battery.
    device 5080/9006107_03.jpg
  4. The SIM card slot is on the bottom left of the phone. Insert the micro SIM card by making sure the gold contacts are facing down and the cut-off corner is at the bottom right. 
    device 5080/9006107_04.jpg
  5. Insert the Battery with the gold contacts touching at the top left.
    device 5080/9006107_05.jpg
  6. Replace the back cover, press the edges so no gaps are present.
    device 5080/9006107_06.jpg

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