Browser options

Access browser settings to clear history, set homepage, adjust text size, manage pop-up, change the default browser, and restore default settings.

  1. To access and adjust your browser options, from the home screen tap the Internet icon.
    device 5105/9006112_01.jpg
  2. Tap MORE.
    device 5105/9006112_02.jpg
  3. Tap Settings.
    device 5105/9006112_03.jpg
  4. To set the homepage, tap Homepage.
    device 5105/9006112_04.jpg
  5. Tap the Desired option.
    device 5105/9006112_05.jpg
  6. To clear the browsing history, tap Privacy.
    device 5105/9006112_06.jpg
  7. Tap Delete personal data.
    device 5105/9006112_07.jpg
  8. Check the Desired options to delete and then tap DELETE.
    device 5105/9006112_08.jpg
  9. To block or unblock pop-ups, tap Advanced.
    device 5105/9006112_09.jpg
  10. Tap the Block pop-ups toggle to turn on or off.
    device 5105/9006112_10.jpg
  11. To edit the Default browser, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the settings icon. Swipe to the APPS tab, then tap Default applications.
    device 5105/9006112_11.jpg
  12. Tap Browser app. 
    device 5105/9006112_12.jpg
  13. Tap the desired browser.
    device 5105/9006112_13.jpg
  14. To adjust browser text size, from the homescreen, tap the Google folder.
    device 5105/9006112_14.jpg
  15. Tap the Chrome icon.
    device 5105/9006112_15.jpg
  16. Tap the Menu icon.
    device 5105/9006112_16.jpg
  17. Tap Settings.
    device 5105/9006112_17.jpg
  18. Scroll to Advanced and tap Accessibility.
    device 5105/9006112_18.jpg
  19. Drag the cursor left or right to adjust text size as desired.
    device 5105/9006112_19.jpg
  20. To restore Default browser settings, swipe down from the notification bar and tap the Settings icon. Swipe to the APPS tab, then tap Application Manager.
    device 5105/9006112_20.jpg
  21. Tap the Menu icon.
    device 5105/9006112_21.jpg
  22. Tap Reset app preferences.
    device 5105/9006112_22.jpg
  23. Tap Reset Apps.
    device 5105/9006112_23.jpg

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