AT&T Navigator

Get directions and navigation using AT&T Navigator.

  1. AT&T Navigator makes your travels easier with GPS-guided maps and directions, traffic alerts, and additional navigation features that give you real-time, on-the-road coverage to help you avoid traffic, find the best routes, and more.
    Note: Separate subscription may be required. Data rates apply. For more information, visit the AT&T Navigator website.
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  2. To access AT&T Navigator, from the home screen, swipe to, then tap the Apps icon.
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  3. Tap AT&T Navigator.
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  4. Tap the Checkbox to agree to the Terms & conditions and Privacy policy, then tap CONTINUE.
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  5. You will be prompted to review permissions, and if you agree, tap ALLOW.
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  6. Enter your phone number and tap Send Activation Code.
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  7. Enter the activation code and tap Continue.
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  8. To turn Location services (GPS) on, swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Location. When location is active, the location icon will be green.
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  9. To begin navigation, from the AT&T Navigator app, tap the Search Locations or Contacts field at the top of the screen, and type the Desired location, address or contact you wish to receive navigation to, then tap Done.
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  10. Scroll to and tap the Drive icon next to the desired location, address or contact you wish to receive navigation to.
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  11. Tap your Desired route, and then tap Drive to begin navigation.
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  12. If you would like to end your navigation before you arrive at your destination, tap the Back button.
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