Secure my device
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Secure my device

Lock the device screen, set and change security lock, and locate device.

  1. To lock your device screen, press the Power/Lock button.
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  2. To unlock your device screen, press the Power/Lock button.
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  3. To change security lock type, swipe down from Notification bar.
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  4. Tap the Settings icon.
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  5. In the DEVICE tab, tap Lock screen.
    device 5104/9007010_05.jpg
  6. Tap Screen lock.
    device 5104/9007010_06.jpg
  7. Tap Desired screen lock type.
    Note: For this demonstration “Fingerprint” was selected.
    device 5104/9007010_07.jpg
  8. Swipe your fingertip downwards over the Home button. You will need to swipe the same finger 10 times to register your fingerprint. 
    device 5104/9007010_08.jpg
  9. Tap REGISTER to register this fingerprint again by swiping in the most comfortable direction. Tap DONE to skip this step.
    Note: For this demonstration “DONE” was selected.
    device 5104/9007010_09.jpg
  10. Enter a backup password of at least 6 characters, including at least 1 letter and 1 number and tap CONTINUE.
    device 5104/9007010_10.jpg
  11. Reenter the backup password and tap OK.
    device 5104/9007010_11.jpg
  12. Select display options for notifications on the lock screen, then tap DONE.
    device 5104/9007010_12.jpg
  13. Your device now has a fingerprint screen lock type.
    device 5104/9007010_13.jpg
  14. To adjust the lock screen timeout setting, from the Lock screen screen, tap Secured lock time.
    device 5104/9007010_14.jpg
  15. Select the desired lock time
    device 5104/9007010_15.jpg
  16. To unlock your device screen place your finger on the Home button.
    device 5104/9007010_16.jpg
  17. To register additional fingerprints, from the DEVICE tab in settings, tap Finger Scanner.
    device 5104/9007010_17.jpg
  18. Tap Fingerprint manager.
    device 5104/9007010_18.jpg
  19. Confirm your identity by swiping your fingerprint. 
    device 5104/9007010_19.jpg
  20. To deregister a fingerprint, tap Add icon and follow the process detailed in Steps 8 and 9.
    device 5104/9007010_20.jpg
  21. To deregister a fingerprint, tap the More icon, then tap Select.
    device 5104/9007010_21.jpg
  22. Select the Desired fingerprint and tap the Delete icon.
    device 5104/9007010_22.jpg
  23. Tap OK.
    device 5104/9007010_23.jpg
  24. To change your security lock type, from the DEVICE tab, tap Lock screen.
    device 5104/9007010_24.jpg
  25. Tap Screen lock.
    device 5104/9007010_25.jpg
  26. Confirm your backup password and tap CONTINUE.
    device 5104/9007010_26.jpg
  27. Tap Desired screen lock type, and follow the onscreen prompts.
    device 5104/9007010_27.jpg
  28. To learn more about requesting a device unlock for your AT&T mobile device so that it can operate on another compatible wireless network, visit
    Note: If your device is locked and is requesting a "PUK" code, click here for instructions on how to obtain your PUK or PUK2 code to unlock your SIM card.
    device 5104/9007010_28.jpg

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