Heart Rate Sensor

Measure your heart rate from your watch.

  1. ACCESS HEART RATE SENSOR: Press and hold the Rotating Side button until How can I help? appears on the watch.
    Note: You can also say "OK Google" to prompt the How can I help? screen.
    device 5136/9007118_01.jpg
  2. When 'How can I help?' appears on the screen, say "Show me my heart rate".
    Note: The device's heart rate measurement feature is not to be used for clinical or medical diagnosis. Follow the guidelines in Wearing the watch and Ensuring accurate measurements to make sure your heart rate measurements are accurate.
    device 5136/9007118_02.jpg
  3. The Heart Rate Sensor will begin measuring your heart rate.
    device 5136/9007118_03.jpg
  4. You will be directed to the Fit app where your heart rate will be displayed.
    device 5136/9007118_04.jpg

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