Battery Life

Tips and tricks to extend your battery performance.

  1. CHECK CURRENT BATTERY LEVEL: View the battery level section of the clock-screen.
    Note: Talk time for the watch is 2 hours on a 3G Network and the standby time is 1.45 days while connected to Bluetooth. For additional information about charging your battery, see the Charge the Battery tutorial.
  2. EXTEND BATTERY LIFE: Set the Brightness to low or automatic. From the clock-screen press the Rotating Side button, select Settings > Display > Adjust brightness > Adjust as desired.
  3. DISABLE ALWAYS-ON SCREEN: From the clock-screen press the Rotating Side button, select Settings > Display > Always-on screen.
  4. DISABLE BLUETOOTH/WIFI: From the clock-screen press the Rotating Side button, select Settings > Connectivity > Bluetooth > Bluetooth or Wi-Fi switch.
  5. DEACTIVATE LOCATION SERVICES: From the clock-screen press the Rotating Side button, select Settings > Connectivity Location.
  6. DEACTIVATE NFC SERVICES: From the clock-screen press the Rotating Side button, select Settings > Connectivity NFC.
  7. ACTIVATE AIRPLANE MODE: If you are traveling and do not have access to mobile or Wi-Fi network switch to Airplane mode. From the clock-screen press the Rotating button, select Settings > Connectivity Airplane mode.
    Note: You can also activate Airplane mode from the Quick settings menu by swiping down from the clock-screen and selecting the Airplane mode icon.

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