Device Setup

Set up your device for the first time or after a factory reset, use Setup & Transfer and enable Easy Mode.

  1. When turning the device on for the first time, or after a factory reset, you will be walked through a series of prompts to set up your device. Choose the desired language, then select GET STARTED.
    Note: Before setting up your device, make sure you have completed the online activation process. Please see Activate phone, SIM card, or other device for more information.
    device 5147/9007000_01.jpg
  2. If you would like to restore data from your old device to your new device, select Keep your apps & data. Select Set up as new if you would like to set up the device without restoring.
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  3. If you would like to connect to a Wi-Fi network, select the desired network name and follow the on-screen prompts. Select Don't use any network for setup to proceed without connecting to Wi-Fi. 
    Note: You will be prompted to select CONTINUE if you proceed without selecting a Wi-Fi network.
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  4. Review the Google services prompt, then select the desired switches. When finished, select NEXT.
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  5. To add your name to your device, enter the desired name then select NEXT.
    device 5147/9007000_05.jpg
  6. If you would like to set your screen lock now, select the desired option then select the next arrow to follow the on-screen prompts for setup. To proceed without activating device protection features, select Not now, then select the next arrow.
    Note: If proceeding without setting a screen lock, you will be prompted to select SKIP ANYWAY after you select SKIP.
    device 5147/9007000_06.jpg
  7. SETUP & TRANSFER: Setup & Transfer allows you to transfer content and set up voicemail, accounts and services from a previous device. Select NEXT and follow the prompts as desired.
    Note: If you would like to proceed without using Setup & Transfer, select NEXT > SKIP > SKIP > NEXT > NEXT > EXIT.
    device 5147/9007000_07.jpg
  8. Scroll through and review the Terms of use, then select NEXT.
    device 5147/9007000_08.jpg
  9. Select the desired way you wish to sign into your HTC account. Select SIGN IN LATER to continue without HTC UH OH protection.
    device 5147/9007000_09.jpg
  10. Enter the desired name of the device, then select FINISH.
    device 5147/9007000_10.jpg

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