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Store Recordings

Store Recordings

Managing cloud and memory card recordings.

  1. STORE RECORDINGS TO THE CLOUD: From the home screen, navigate to and select the Arlo app.
    device 5195/9007206_01.jpg
  2. Enter your Email and Password, then select Log In.
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  3. Select the Library tab. All recordings are automatically stored to the Cloud.
    Note: Free 7-day cloud storage is provided for the Arlo Go camera. You can pay to store recordings in the cloud for the last 14 days or 30 days here.
    device 5195/9007206_03.jpg
  4. STORE RECORDINGS TO A MEMORY CARD: Select the Devices tab, then select the Settings icon next to the desired device.
    Note: SD cards are sold separately.
    device 5195/9007206_04.jpg
  5. Scroll to and select SD Card.
    device 5195/9007206_05.jpg
  6. Ensure the SD Card Recording switch is turned on.
    Note: Recordings will now be stored on the SD Card. To view recordings, insert the SD card in the desired device or computer then navigate to and select the Arlo folder. Recorded videos are saved in MP4 format.
    device 5195/9007206_06.jpg

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