Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Not Found

Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi Not Found

This article describes what to do if the network is not found. 



1. The Wi-Fi network will stop broadcasting after 5 minutes of inactivity when the device is in power saving mode, or when it is running on battery power. Press the power button off and on again to start broadcasting again. 

Step 1

2. CHECK BLOCKED DEVICES: From a device that is connected to the AT&T Wireless Internet network, open the web browser and go to http://attwirelessinternet. Enter your Login, then click LOGIN.

Step 2

3. Click the Connected devices tab. To unblock a device click the checkbox next to the desired device in the Blocked devices list. When finished, click APPLY.

Step 3

4.CHECK PARENTAL CONTROLS: Click the Parental controls tab. To delete a rule, click DELETE next to the desired rule

Step 4

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