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Block or Unblock Messages

Block or Unblock Messages

Learn how to block and unblock messages.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• View blocked messages
• Block and unblock numbers
• Block unknown numbers


View blocked messages

1. From the home screen, select the messages app Messages app.

2. Select the menu icon Menu icon, then select Settings. Select Block numbers and messages.

Image 1

3. To view blocked numbers or to block specific numbers, select Block numbers. To view messages from blocked numbers, select Blocked messages.

Image 2

Block and unblock numbers

From the Block numbers screen you can add or remove numbers from the block list. Select the desired option:

Image 3

• BLOCK PHONE NUMBER: Enter the desired number, then select the add Add icon.
CONTACTS: Select Contacts, then navigate to and select the desired contact.
 INBOX: Select Inbox, then select the desired message thread.
UNBLOCK PHONE NUMBER: Select the  Remove icon next to the desired number.

Block unknown numbers

Call settings screen, select Block numbers then select the Block unknown callers switch.

Note: To access the Call settings screen, from the Home screen select the phone app Phone appmenu icon Menu icon > Settings.

Image 4

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