LED States
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LED States

Learn how to check the status lights for network connectivity and other information.


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Your device must be activated in order to display status lights. See the Device Setup tutorial for more information.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to check the status of your device using the follwing LED indicators:

• Wi-Fi
• 4G LTE/3G Connectivity

Note: Depending upon the location of your OBD II port, it may be difficult to see the LEDs when the device is plugged in. If you are having trouble seeing the LED indicators, try using a small mirror (not included) or the camera on your smartphone to see the lights. 


Image 1

LED OFF: Sleep Mode, GPS Inactive
BLINKING BLUE: GPS Lock in Progress
• SOLID BLUE: GPS Lock Successful


Image 2

LED OFF: Wi-Fi Off

4G LTE/3G Connectivity

Image 3

LED OFF: Sleep Mode, Modem Off
BLINKING RED: Network connection in progress
• SOLID GREEN: Network connection successful

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