Device help

Get step-by-step help and info for your device.

Mobile Hotspot

Learn how to set up your device as a personal hotspot and share your data connection with Wi-Fi-capable devices.

Device Assembly

Learn how to install and remove your device.

Device Setup

Set up your device for the first time or after performing a factory reset.

Find IMEI, Serial Number & Device ID

Learn how locate your device's IMEI, serial number, and device ID.

Harman Spark App

Learn how to download the HARMAN Spark app, create an account, and register a device.


Determine your device's SIM card type, operating frequencies, physical characteristics, and more.


Learn how to setup and check alerts if your car gets moved, broken into, or towed and how to share the vehicle's location data with authorities.


Learn how to get assistance in an instant by locating your closest service provider and how to receive a repair quote.


Learn how to keep and access a detailed record of your trips including time, mileage, driving habits, and more.

Virtual Mechanic

Learn how to view a real-time display of your vehicle's battery, fuel, coolant temperature and more.

Boundaries (with Curfew)

Learn how to draw boundaries on a map, view car locations, and get a notification when any of your family cars enter or exit the geofenced area. Set curfew notifications and get a notification if a family car is used during certain times of day.

Driving Score

Receive a driving score based on your driving habits and get helpful tips on how to become a safer and smarter driver.

Fleet Complete

Remotely monitor multiple vehicles's location, status, vehicle health, and more from one convenient location. 

Impact Detection

Learn how to set up impact detection, add emergency contacts to be notified in the event of a collision and view collision history.


View your vehicle's position on a map in real-time even if you're not in the car.

Find IMEI, Serial Number & Device ID

Learn how locate your device's IMEI, serial number, and device ID.

Software Version

Determine your current app software version and check for updates.

LED States

Learn how to check the status lights for network connectivity and other information.

Having device issues?

Fix common service and device problems.