Secure My Device

Learn how to secure your device through locking as well as how to request your device be unlocked from the AT&T Network.

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To learn more about requesting a device unlock for your AT&T mobile device so that it can operate on another compatible wireless network, visit If your device is locked and is requesting a "PUK" code, click here for instructions on how to obtain your PUK or PUK2 code to unlock your SIM card.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Set up a secure screen lock with a passcode
• Add a Fingerprint
• Erase data
• Adjust screen lock time
• Lock device
• Unlock device

Set up a secure screen lock with a passcode

1. From the home screen, select the settings app Settings app.

Note: If you turn Passcode on, you’ll be asked to enter your passcode when you turn on or restart your device, unlock your device, update your software, or erase your device.

2. Scroll to and select Touch ID & Passcode, then select Turn Passcode On.

Note: If passcode settings are unavailable, gray, or dimmed and you can't change these settings, it might be because you're using a configuration profile that requires a passcode. This is common with business or education devices. Contact your IT administrator for more information.

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3. Enter your desired passcode, then re-enter your desired passcode to confirm.

Note: To turn passcode off, from the Touch ID & Passcode screen, scroll to and select Turn Passcode Off.  You will be prompted to enter your current passcode to confirm. To change your passcode, select Change Passcode then follow the prompts. Learn more from the Apple support article If you forgot the passcode for your iPad or your device is disabled.

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Add a Fingerprint

1. To add a Fingerprint, from the Touch ID & Passcode screen select Add a Fingerprint... and follow the prompts.

Note: To add additional fingerprints, select Add a Fingerprint... again and follow the prompts.

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2. From the Touch ID & Passcode screen, select the switch next to the desired Touch ID feature to turn it on or off.

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3. To allow access to features when iPad is locked, from the Touch ID & Passcode screen navigate to ALLOW ACCESS WHEN LOCKED then select the switch next to the desired feature(s).

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Erase data

Scroll to and select the off switchErase Data switch. After ten failed passcode attempts, all settings will be reset, and all your information and media will be erased by removing the encryption key to the data.

Note: When prompted, select Enable.

Adjust the screen lock time

From the home screen, select the settings app Settings app > select Display & BrightnessAuto-Lock > select the desired option.

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Lock the device

Press the Sleep/Wake button to lock the device.

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Unlock the device

Press and hold your finger on fingerprint scanner to unlock the device.

Note: If using a passcode instead of Touch ID, press the Sleep/Wake button then enter your passcode to unlock the device.

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