Block or Unblock Messages
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Block or Unblock Messages

Block messages from your device.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:
• Access blocked numbers
• Block and unblock numbers
• Block unknown numbers

Access blocked numbers

1. From the Keypad in the phone Phone app, select the Menu Icon Menu icon then select Settings.

Image 1

2. Select Block numbers.

Image 2

Block and unblock numbers

BLOCK PHONE NUMBERS: From the Blocked numbers screen, select the desired option:

Image 3

• CONTACTS: Select Contacts > navigate to and select the desired contact > select Done
RECENTS: Select Recents > select the desired number Done
ADD PHONE NUMBER: Enter the desired number, then select the Add icon
UNBLOCK PHONE NUMBERS: Select the Remove icon next to the desired number or contact that you wish to unblock.

Image 4



Block unknown numbers

From the Block numbers screen, select the Block unknown callers switch.

Image 5


Call Protect

To automatically block calls from likely fraudsters, get alerts on suspected spam, and manually block calls learn more about AT&T Call Protect. Free for eligible users.

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