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Set Up Email

Learn how to add your email accounts so you can read and send email on your device.


Prenote info

You will be signed in to you primary email account by default. Visit the Email Settings tutorial to learn how to edit email settings, add email signatures, and more.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Access Gmail
• Add additional email accounts

Access Gmail

1. From the home screen, click the gmail Gmail app

2. Your Inbox will appear.

Image 1

Add additional email accounts

1. From the Gmail app, click the Account icon then click Manage accounts.

Note: Alternately, from the home screen, click the Quick settings panel >settings icon Settings icon > Accounts tab > Currently signed in asAdd Google Account > follow the prompts to complete set up.

Image 2

2. Click Add Google Account.

Image 3

3. Click OK.

Image 4

4. Enter the desired Email or phone number, then click Next.

Image 5

5. Enter the Password, then click Next.

Image 6

6. Click I agree.

Image 7

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