Change volume settings, ringtones, notification alerts, and use Focus assist.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Adjust ring volume/activate vibrate mode
• Access additional volume settings
• Turn on/off Focus assist 

Adjust ring volume/activate vibrate mode

Press the Volume buttons located on the top of the device to adjust the volume. Silent mode will be automatically activated when you lower the volume all the way.

Note: When Silent mode is active, the silent icon Silent mode icon will display in the taskbar

Image 1

Access additional volume settings

1. From the home screen, select the Start icon then select the Settings icon

Image 2

2. Select System.

Image 3

3. Select the Sound tab, then edit sound settings as desired.

Image 4


Turn on/off Focus assist

Focus assist allows you to limit which notifications you hear and see so that you can stay focused. From the System screen, select the Focus assist tab then edit settings as desired.

Note: Alternately, select the action center icon Action Center icon > Expand > select the focus assist icon Focus assist icon until the desired Focus assist setting is displayed. When enabled, the focus assist on action center Focus assist icon will appear on the action center icon Action center icon in the taskbar.

Image 5

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