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AT&T NumberSync

Learn how to use one smartphone number across multiple devices to make and receive calls, and more.

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With AT&T NumberSync™, once you sync devices to your smartphone number, you can make and receive calls from whatever device you choose. Your smartphone number will display on the call recipients caller ID. Certain restrictions, requirements or limitations may apply. Visit NumberSync Support or att.com/numbersync for more details.
1. From the paired device, navigate to and select the Google Watch app Google Watch app

Note: To set up NumberSync, you must first connect your watch to an AT&T Cellular Network and have the latest software version. For more information on connecting to the AT&T Cellular network, view the Device Setup tutorial

2. Scroll to and select Mobile network.

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3. Select Connect to AT&T.

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4. Select Continue.

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5. Review the NumberSync for Wearbles prompt, then scroll to and select Continue.

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6. Select Done.

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