AT&T Access ID

AT&T Access ID

Use an Access ID to manage your accounts in myAT&T. Learn how to create an ID, link accounts & more.  

Access more with one ID

Now you can use just one ID in myAT&T. Your Access ID is the key to managing your accounts.

Accounts you can manage

  • Wireless
  • U-verse® TV
  • AT&T Internet or DSL
  • Digital Phone
  • Landline - Home Phone
  • AT&T Email


*Excludes DIRECTV accounts still managed at

**Use your Access ID to sign in to DIRECTV NOW.

Getting started with an Access ID

Already managing your accounts in myAT&T?
Then you have an Access ID.

If not, it’s easy to create one.

New to DIRECTV NOW? You created your ID when you signed up.  

To create your ID.

  1. Choose your first account to manage.
  2. Confirm you’re the account owner. We may send you a verification code to make sure you’re you.
  3. Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  4. Create your Access ID.

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