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Find bill changes on your service summary

Learn how to get a summary of your services and a bill estimate.



Follow these steps to find your customer service summary.


  1. Go to Profile and then Account users.
  2. Choose the wireless number you want to view.
  3. Select See customer service summary (most recent).

For all other services

  1. Go to Profile and then Sign-in info.
  2. Look in the My linked accounts section, and select See recent order details (customer service summary).

We alert you to all changes

Did you make changes to your plan or features? You’ll get an updated customer service summary within 48 hours in these ways:
  • Online at myAT&T
  • Email or text, if we have your email address or text permissions on file
  • By U.S. mail, in 7-10 days
Wireless questions? Read the Wireless Customer Agreement to learn more about your terms and conditions.

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