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View your billing cycle

Get details about billing cycles to better understand your monthly usage.


Learn how to view your billing cycle

View online
  1. Go to My bill
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Wireless customers, look for Current bill <date - date>.
    • All other customers, look for New charges for <date - date>.

View on a paper bill
Your billing cycle appears at the top right of your paper bill, just below the Page number.
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About billing cycles

Understanding billing cycles
AT&T bills you on a monthly basis. Your monthly billing cycle starts and ends on the same date each month. At the beginning of each billing cycle, your allotment of data, minutes, and messages refreshes.

For example, if your wireless rate plan includes 10GB data, you'll begin using your allotted data on the first day of your billing cycle. If you don't use your entire allotment of 10GB, and you're on a Mobile Share® plan, the excess will roll over after the last day of the billing cycle.

Changing your billing cycle
You may be able to change your billing cycle, depending upon your service area. Please contact us to find out if this option is available.

Before you change your billing cycle, be aware that:
  • Your billing cycle can't be changed during the five days before or after the close of your current cycle.
  • Your billing cycle can't be changed if your account is in a delinquent status, or if the account will fall delinquent before the requested change date.
  • If you have a payment arrangement set up, the payment arrangement must be made before the billing cycle is changed.
  • If you have AutoPay, you may see two AutoPay drafts in one month due to the billing cycle change.
  • When a billing cycle change is made, prorated charges will occur. 
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