Check your wireless usage history

Learn how to check wireless usage info for up to 16 bill periods. Get data, call, and text details for all your devices.

Download wireless usage details

  1. Go to Usage. Sign in, if asked.
  2. Select the bill period you want to view.
  3. Choose your service type:
    • Wireless-only service: Look in Usage by number section, find the device you want to manage, and select View more usage details and options. Choose See data, text, and talk logs.
    • More than one service: Look in Basic plan usage section, find the device you want to manage, and select View usage details. Choose how you want to view your details.
  4. Select Download, then CSV or Excel. (Don’t see these options? Use the forward arrows to get to the last page. Once you see all your records, you can download them.)
You can also create a custom report of your usage over time.

You may not see all your calls and texts on your usage log because:
  • iMessages (iOS) and Advanced Messaging (Android RCS) over Wi-Fi won't show in your text logs.
  • iMessages and Advanced Messaging over the mobile network will show as data, not as text.
FYI: If you want to see all messages in your text log, you’ll have to turn off iMessages or Advanced Messaging for your device.

Usage tips and tools

Track current use

For quick updates on remaining data and texting balances in your current bill period, text *3282# (*DATA#) for English or *3286# (*DATO#) for Spanish.

Learn about billing and overage charges

Last updated: March 21, 2023

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