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Set up a data-only plan

Learn how to set up a data-only plan or add international data for tablets, computers, or other mobile devices.


Choose a domestic data-only plan

Not sure what type of data plan you want? Compare data-only plans

Good to know: To activate a data-only plan, your device must have an AT&T SIM card, Apple SIM card, or an embedded Apple SIM. If you didn't buy your device from AT&T or if you need a new SIM, order an AT&T SIM card online.

Monthly DataConnect wireless plan

Buying a new device or ordering an AT&T SIM card online?

Prepaid DataConnect Pass

FYI: Starting April 13, 2022, you can no longer purchase new DataConnect Pass (Session-Based) data plans. If you’re looking for a new data-only plan, you can choose from the new AT&T PREPAID data plans for tablets and mobile hotspots.

Manage your existing DataConnect Pass plan:

Go to one of these pages:

Get help with your data

Can’t connect to cellular data

If you got confirmation that your data plan was activated, but you can’t connect to cellular data make sure
  • That cellular data is turned on for the device. 
  • That data roaming is turned on if you’re traveling outside the country.

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