Optimize your connection

Slow connection? Check out these tips to improve your Internet speed.


Learn tips and tricks for amping up your speed on the Web with your super-reliable AT&T Internet connection.


Things to check

1. Your device

Your software may slow down your connection. Go to our Troubleshoot & Resolve tool for help.


Keep your computer virus-free. Learn about AT&T Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee

VPN and proxy servers

Be aware that Virtual Private Network (VPN) and proxy server connections can slow down your Internet speed. 


Clear your browser history, cookies, and cache


Using more than 1 firewall can slow your speed. Learn how to manage your firewalls

Unused apps and tabs

Close apps and browser tabs you’re not using.

File sharing

Close any file-sharing apps working in the background.


Restart your device often. This closes unused apps and improves Internet speed. 


Try to use the newest version of your software.


Make sure at least 10% of the space on your hard drive is free.

2. Your router / gateway

Your Internet speed is shared by all of the devices connected to it. If you want faster speed for one device, disconnect other devices in your home.

Try turning these devices off if you aren’t using them:

  • Computers and tablets
  • Gaming consoles
  • Video streaming devices
  • Security and Web cameras


Wired connections typically are faster than Wi-Fi. Try connecting an Ethernet cable directly from your device to your gateway. Connect directly


Sometimes, restarting your gateway improves your Internet speed. Learn how to restart

Line filters

If you have DSL Internet, you may have filters installed in your phone line. Examples of devices with filters include phones, alarms, and medic-alert boxes. Line filters can wear out. Unplug your phones and filters and test your Internet speed. Install line filters

3. AT&T network

We work hard to keep your connection fast and reliable, but sometimes things happen.   Check network status at myAT&T

4. Internet congestion

Even when your own connection is at its best, websites can be congested. This may happen because of prime-time streaming, webcasting, gaming, and downloading large files.

Check your speed

Test your Internet speed and learn how to surf the Web faster.

Troubleshoot our Internet speed

Use our Troubleshoot & Resolve tool.