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Using Your Remote

Start enjoying your U-verse TV

Once installation is complete, it's time to start enjoying your new 100% digital TV.      


  • Press the Power button on your U-verse TV remote, and then select OK.
  • Press the Guide button and use the Channel Up/Channel Down buttons to browse through the full selection of channels.
  • If you know which specific channel you would like to watch, you can enter the number on the keypad and press OK.

Programming Your Remote for TV and other Devices

Use your remote to control your TV, speakers, and more. Simply use the Remote Control Setup tool, and then follow the steps to program any or of all your devices. 

  • TV
  • DVD
  • Auxiliary inputs

Using the U-verse TV menu to program your remote

The U-verse TV menu Remote Control Setup option can help you program your remote, TV, DVD player, and other home entertainment devices. Choose the remote model or device you want to program and follow the prompts.

Use auto code search or manually program a remote

There are two ways to program your remote. We recommend using auto code search, but you can also manually enter manufacturer codes for your TV, VRD, or DVD. Use the manual option when programming an older TV or other auxiliary device.

Turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote

Tired of losing your remote? Turn your Apple, Android, or Amazon Fire device into an easy-to-use remote control. Download the U-verse app to flip through channels and On Demand entertainment. You can even play, pause, and rewind your favorite shows.

Controlling volume & channel selection

Program your S10, S20, or S30 remote to control your TV or DVR volume and channels.

Restore default remote settings

Whether you have an S10, S20, S30, or Point Anywhere remote, there are times when you might need to clear the programming. Like, when you buy a new TV or change your set top box.

Looking for additional information?

If you are looking for more detailed information related to your service and equipment, here are some additional resources that will help you get the answers you need.

Troubleshoot & Resolve


Access customized solutions from your PC, mobile or tablet device and get your AT&T service back up and running.

Online Support


Connect with a service representative, and get assistance with your U-verse TV service.

User Guides


If you're looking for quick answers or want a little more info about your equipment, user guides are a handy way to find what you need.