Connect Mac to Wi-Fi
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Connect Mac to Wi-Fi

Learn how to connect your device to the hotspot using Mac OS X.

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Starting December 31, 2022, the AT&T AllAccess app is going away. As a result, some features on your device may no longer be supported. You'll be able to view data usage and notifications on your myAT&T account page, and you can explore other options to stay connected with your device on the go. Learn more about mobile hotspot options.
  1. On your web browser, go to the AT&T AllAccess website, and download the AT&T AllAccess software for Mac OS.
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  2. Follow the prompts to install AT&T AllAccess.
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  3. Open AT&T AllAccess.
    device 2717/1323151.jpg
  4. Click Networks.
    device 2717/1323152.jpg
  5. Click AT&T-WIFI-XXXX.
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  6. Enter the hotspot password, then tap Join.
    Note: The password will be displayed on the hotspot home screen.
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