Access Voicemail

Access Voicemail

Check your voicemail messages.

  1. When a new voicemail is received, the Voicemail icon will appear in the Notification bar.
    Note: Your voicemail must already be set up. View the Set Up Voicemail topic for those steps.
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  2. From the home screen, select the Phone app. 
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  3. From the Dial pad, select the Visual Voicemail icon.
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  4. To listen to a voicemail, select the desired voicemail.
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  5. ENABLE VOICEMAIL OPTIONS: Select the corresponding icon.
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  6. Select the Menu icon for more voicemail features such as Send textShare, Save, and Export to file.
    Note: View Access voicemail messages for tips to manage your voicemail. Go to Troubleshoot Voicemail for solutions to common voicemail problems.
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