AT&T HD Voice

Make and receive high-definition voice calls (Clear conversations and reduced background noise)

  1. To use AT&T HD Voice, both caller and receiver need an AT&T HD Voice-capable phone and must be located in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area.

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  2. To turn AT&T HD Voice on, swipe down from the notification bar, then tap the Settings icon
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  3. From the CONNECTIONS tab, scroll down and tap More networks.
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  4. Tap Mobile networks
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  5. Tap Mobile data.
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  6. Tap the Enhanced LTE Services checkbox
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  7. To turn AT&T HD Voice off, go to Settings > CONNECTIONS > More networks > Mobile networks > Mobile data > then tap the Enhanced LTE Services checkbox.
    Note: Turning AT&T HD Voice off will also disable AT&T Video Call and Advanced Messaging. Learn more about AT&T HD Voice.
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