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Activate Device

View data usage, set data usage alerts, pay bills, add features, and more.

  1. If you haven't already activated your AT&T data plan, verify that Wi-Fi is turned off, and that the AT&T All Access widget reads "Activate". Select the AT&T AllAccess widget.
    Note: Learn how to activate service on your device or SIM.
    device 5137/9006083_01.jpg
  2. Select ACCEPT.
    device 5137/9006083_02.jpg
  3. Review the Required Permissions prompt, then select CONTINUE. Select ALLOW on the following permission requests.
    device 5137/9006083_03.jpg
  4. Select Select Here to Activate the App.
    Note: The app may automatically update itself.
    device 5137/9006083_04.jpg
  5. AT&T AllAccess is now activated.
    device 5137/9006083_05.jpg

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