Limited or No Connectivity

Limited or No Connectivity

Troubleshoot limited or no connectivity on your device. 



Prenote info

The AT&T Global Modem USB800 is compatible with: Microsoft® Windows® 7 and higher, Mac OS 10.5 and higher, and Linux OS.

Check network status

1. The connection status will be displayed on the device. 

Note: Solid Green indicates a signal connection and is recommended for optimal performance. See the LED States tutorial to learn more. 

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2. The signal strength is also displayed on the AT&T Manager website at the top of the screen.

Image 2

3. The device automatically connects to the internet once plugged in. The Internet Access icon in the Task Bar will change when the device is connected on a PC.

Note: To check the connection status of the device on a Mac, navigate to System Preferences > Network. For more information visit the Connect to AT&T Network tutorial

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Troubleshoot connection

• Check to see if the SIM Card is activated.

Note: Visit Activate phone, SIM card, or other device for more information on activating your SIM

You may need to move your AT&T Global Modem USB800 to an area with a stronger cellular signal, typically near a window or outside wall.

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