Device Setup

Device Setup

Set up your device for the first time or after a factory reset.

Prenote info
Before setting up your device, make sure you have completed the online activation process. Please see Activate phone, SIM card, or other device for more information.

This phone uses cellular data for certain services, applications and functions. If not connected to Wi-Fi, standard data charges will apply. Please connect to a Wi-Fi network to limit data charges.

1. When turning the device on for the first time, or after a factory reset, you will be walked through a series of prompts to set up your device. Press the up or down button to highlight to the desired language, then press the OK button to select. Press the right option button to select Next

Step 1

2. If you would like to connect to a Wi-Fi network, press the up or down button to highlight to the desired network name. Press the OK button to select the desired network, then follow the on-screen prompts. Press the right option button to select Skip to proceed without connecting to Wi-Fi. 

Step 2

3. Review the Anti-Theft prompt, then press the OK button to continue. 

4. Review the KaiOS License Terms and Privacy, then press the right option button to select Accept. Press the right option button to select Accept again to confirm. 

5. Review the About KaiOS prompt. Press the up or down button to highlight the desired option then press the OK button to select the desired option. When finished, press the right option button to select Next

6. Press the right option button to select Next to view the keypad tutorial. Press the left option button to select Skip

What's in the box?

• Nano SIM
• Quick Charge charging block
• Micro-USB Cable

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