Activate AT&T PREPAID Account

Activate AT&T PREPAID Account

This tutorial shows how to activate an AT&T PREPAID account.


In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

• Activate from your device
• Activate over the phone
• Activate online

Activate from your device

1. Before activating your AT&T PREPAID account from your device, make sure it has been charged and that the AT&T PREPAID SIM card has been inserted. Once charged, turn the phone on by pressing and holding the Power/Hang Up button.

Note: See the Insert SIM & Memory Card tutorial for instructions on inserting a SIM card. If you do not have an AT&T PREPAID SIM card or already own a compatible phone and would like to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to AT&T PREPAID service, just purchase an AT&T PREPAID SIM Kit.

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2. Select Activate Now.

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3. Enter your 5 digit zip code, then select OK.

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4. Select the desired rate plan.

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5. If the zip code and rate plan are correct, select Confirm.

Note: Select Change Zip Code and/or Change Plan if updates are needed.

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6. You’ll receive a notification message with your new phone number and a temporary password (which is the last 4 digits of your phone number). Select OK. You will then receive a free, automated text message with a link to, your phone number, and the temporary password

Note: You'll need to add money within 26 days of activation. Otherwise your account will be cancelled and you'll lose your phone number. You can add money at, dial 611 from your AT&T PREPAID, or purchase AT&T PREPAID Refill Cards.

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7. From the Internet app, access Enter your phone number and the temporary password provided, then select Sign in.

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8. You will then receive a free, automated text message with an updated password.

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9. Enter the updated password in the browser, then select Continue.

Note: Upon first access, you will be prompted to change the temporary password to one of your choosing and to update your customer information. Select Continue when complete.

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10. Once logged in, scroll down and select Make a Payment. Follow the prompts to enter payment information.

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Activate over the phone

Call us at 877.426.0525 for automated instructions. You will need to know your Phone number & IMEI number for activation.

Note: Activation will take around 10 minutes to complete.

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Activate online

Go to, then under AT&T PREPAID select Activate your device and follow the prompts.

Note: Once your account is active, learn more about Get started with AT&T PREPAID.

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