Set up your AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender

Find out how to set up your AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender and connect it to your AT&T Wi-Fi gateway.

Requirements and setup

For a successful setup, make sure you have:

  • AirTies 4971 Wi-Fi extender1
  • An AT&T internet service (home or business)
  • Pace 5268AC, BGW210, or BGW320 Wi-Fi® gateway (NVG589 and NVG599 don't support AirTies 4971)
  • A single Wi-Fi name and password for both radio bands on your gateway. Learn more about band steering
  • AT&T Smart Home Manager app (suggested for easy Wi-Fi management). Don’t have the app? Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Use AT&T Smart Home Manager

From your computer

  1. Go to Smart Home Manager. Sign in, if asked.
  2. Select Home Network Hardware.
  3. Choose Add Wi-Fi extender.
  4. Follow the prompts.

With the Smart Home Manager app

  1. Open the Smart Home Manager app.
  2. Tap Network.
  3. Scroll to Wi-Fi equipment and select the card to add an extender or look for a + symbol.

Having issues? Learn what the light on your extender means

Have an older Wi-Fi extender?

AirTies 4921 and AirTies 4920 are compatible with BGW320, BGW210, Pace 5268, and NVG599 Wi-Fi gateways. Choose the guide for your extender.

AirTies 4921

AirTies 4920

See all important details
Last updated: October 27, 2023

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