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Switch from monthly postpaid to AT&T PREPAID

Learn about the requirements for switching from an AT&T postpaid wireless account to an AT&T PREPAID (formerly GoPhone®) account.


Requirements for switching to AT&T PREPAID

If you have AT&T postpaid wireless service and would like to switch to AT&T PREPAIDSM service, you need to meet these requirements:
  • Your existing postpaid service must be active for at least 30 days.
  • Your account can't be past due.
  • Combined bill accounts can't be changed from postpaid to AT&T PREPAID.
  • Your postpaid service can't be affiliated with a business account.
  • You can't migrate during the two days before, or the four days after your billing cycle. This is the time when your usage is being determined.
  • You can't have a tax-exempt status.
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How to switch from postpaid to AT&T PREPAID

If you meet and agree to the requirements, you need to contact us to switch from postpaid to AT&T PREPAID.
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