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Trading in smartphones on installment plans

Have an installment plan and want to upgrade to a new smartphone? Get more info about trade-in requirements and see pics of what is and isn’t acceptable.


What to know

Before you trade in your smartphone:
  • You must pay the required percentage of the total sales price for your device under your applicable installment plan. If you have an AT&T Installment Plan with Next Up℠, you must also have an active AT&T Next Up℠ option to upgrade early feature. 
  • Your account must in good standing.
  • You must return your smartphone in good physical and fully functional condition. See the examples section for pics of smartphones you can’t trade in. 
  • You must buy a new, eligible smartphone on an eligible installment plan with qualifying service.

Heads up: We check each trade-in for eligibility. If your smartphone isn’t in good physical and fully functional condition, we’ll charge you the remaining installment balance.
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Examples of smartphones you can't trade in

If your smartphone has any of these conditions, it isn’t eligible to trade in.
  • User locks - If you have a feature like Find My iPhone® enabled or have a user lock on your phone, you can’t trade it in.

    User lock

  • Physical damage -If your phone has physical damage, like a cracked screen or missing buttons, you can’t trade it in.

    Damaged screen examples

    Damaged screens

    Damaged casing or frame examples

    Damaged casing

    Excessive wear examples

    Excessive wear

    Missing keys or buttons examples

    Missing keys or buttons

    Broken camera lens example

    Broken camera lens
  • Modification or unapproved additions - If you added things to your phone, you can’t use it as a trade-in. Examples include paint, decals, modified buttons, or other changes.

    Image of non-manufacturer faceplates or modifications to the smartphone
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If you can’t trade in your smartphone

You still have options:
  • File an insurance claim. Signed up for AT&T device protection? You may be able to file a claim and get a replacement phone for your installment plan trade-in. Learn how to file an insurance claim
  • Use the AT&T Trade-in program. You may be eligible to get an AT&T Promotion Card for the trade-in value of your smartphone, after you have paid off the installment balance on your plan. We determine the trade-in value by the smartphone make, model, and condition. If your smartphone has no trade-in value, we'll gladly recycle it for you. Start an AT&T trade-in online
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