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Learn how to use NumberSync for wearables

Find out what your smartwatch can do when it's synced to your smartphone.




Use your smartwatch like a smartphone

Calls, Caller ID, and voicemail

First, sync your smartwatch to your smartphone number. Not sure how to do it? Learn how to set up NumberSync for wearables.


Your smartphone and smartwatch both ring when you receive a call. You can choose how to take the call from either device. 

When you make calls from a synced smartwatch, your smartphone number always shows on the recipient's device.

Caller ID

Make sure both devices use the same caller ID privacy settings. If you don’t, the person you call will see your number when you make a call from your smartwatch.


  • After syncing both devices, you’ll get voicemails in your smartphone’s voicemail box. You can:
  • Get voicemail notifications on the synced smartwatch.
  • Listen to voicemail messages from your synced smartwatch.
  • Set up a voicemail box on your smartwatch. Keep in mind: when your smartwatch is synced with your smartphone, you can only access your smartphone’s voicemail.
AT&T Visual Voicemail 
Smartwatches don’t support AT&T Visual Voicemail. You have to call into your voicemail to manage it and get your messages.



Once synced, you’ll get text messages on both devices. Your smartwatch data plan rate applies to text messages you receive on your synced device.


When you send a text message from your synced smartwatch, your smartphone number shows on the recipient's device. Your smartwatch data plan rate applies to text messages you send using your synced device.

Back up and sync messages

NumberSyncSM for wearables1 uses the AT&T Messages Backup & Sync cloud inbox. When you delete a text message from your synced smartwatch or smartphone, it’ll also be deleted from the cloud inbox and all synced devices.

For more info, see AT&T Messages Backup & Sync.

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