Access Voicemail
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Access Voicemail

Check your voicemail messages.

  1. Press and hold the '1' key to dial into your voice mailbox.
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  2. If prompted, enter your current voicemail password.
    Note: If you've forgotten your password here's how to reset it.
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  3. Unheard messages will play automatically. If you do not have any unheard messages, tap the 1 key to listen to your saved messages when prompted.
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  4. After listening to each message:
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  5. To delete, tap the '7' key.
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  6. To save, tap the '9' key.
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  7. To hear more options, tap the '0' key.
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  8. To change voicemail settings, tap the '*' key to access the Main Menu.
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  9. Tap the '4' key to change your personal options.
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  10. To change your password, tap the '2' key, and then tap the '1' key to change your password. Follow recorded prompts.
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  11. To change your personal greeting, tap the '3' key. Follow recorded prompts.
    device 3199/1672727.jpg
  12. When finished, end the call.
    Note: View Access Voicemail for tips to manage voicemail. Go to Troubleshoot Voicemail for solutions to common voicemail problems.
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