AT&T Personal Cloud
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AT&T Personal Cloud

Use AT&T Personal Cloud to back up and sync your contacts, photos, videos, and more from your device to the cloud.

Prenote info

If your device does not have the AT&T Personal Cloud app pre-installed, visit the Download Apps & Games tutorial for instructions on how to download or visit AT&T Personal Cloud for more information. You need to have an AT&T user ID and password to use this app.

In this tutorial, you will learn details about:

• Perform the initial setup
• Navigate the home screen and access settings
• Manage pictures and videos (featuring Highlights and Flashbacks)
• Restore and manage your files


Initial setup

1. Navigate to and select AT&T Cloud.

2. Select Get Started.

Note: For more information, visit Get Started with AT&T Personal Cloud.

3. Review the Secure your memories prompt, then select the desired option.

Note: AT&T Personal Cloud is free for the first 30 days. After that, you will be billed. For more information, select See details. If you select Accept, you will be prompted to select the desired content classes for backing up your data.

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4. If prompted, enter the AT&T user ID and password for your wireless number, then select Sign in.

Note: If your SIM is inserted in an EAP-capable device, you may be logged in automatically. Your AT&T Personal Cloud account must be linked to the phone number assigned to the account. 

5. Select the checkboxes next to the desired content you wish to back up from your device, then select Next

Note: Denying permission will prevent the app from backing up the associated content.

Image 4



Home screen navigation

The home screen provides a view of content that has been recently backed up.

1. A Successful Backup is indicated in the top right corner (green cloud with checkmark icon).

2. Using Navigation, you can backup desired content categories.

3. Scroll to view all content. 



1. From the Home screen, select themenu iconNavigation icon.

2. From the Message Center, select the Settings icon.

3. From the Settings menu, you can:

    • View current storage/change plan
    • Select what to back up and how
    • Manage storage
    • Manage notifications

Note: Available content types will vary based on OS:

    • Android: Contacts, Photos, Videos, Music, Documents, Messages, Call History
    • iOS: Contacts, Photos, Videos




The Highlights view presents the most relevant photos from the past week and allows the user to save the Highlight as an album.

Note: If there are no Highlights available, the user will get a message encouraging them to check back soon.

1. From the Home screen, select thenav menu iconNavigation icon.

2. Select the settings icon Settings icon.

3. Select Photos & Videos.

4. Select Highlights.

5. Select the Menu icon to view, edit, create, share and more.



The Flashbacks view presents a custom curated selection of photos and videos from this week a year ago.

Note: If there are no flashbacks available, the user will get a message indicating that no flashbacks are available from this week.

1. From the Home screen, select thenav menu iconNavigation icon.

2. Select the settings icon Settings icon.

3. Select Photos & Videos.

4. Select Flashbacks.

5. Select the Menu icon to view, edit, create, connect to a TV, and more.


Manage Files & Restore Content

We’d be sad to see you go, but should your needs change, please ensure your content is saved prior to canceling service.

To manage your files, visit how to restore cloud content to your phone.

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