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Get security features that help you block unwanted calls and mobile threats
Compatible device/service required. Smartphones sold by other carriers may not be eligible. Data rates may apply for app download and usage. See details below
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Safe browsing, identity monitoring and more are now included.

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AT&T Mobile Security1

(Android and iOS)
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Device Security  helps protect your data from mobile threats.
Breach Reports alert you to company data breaches.
Secure Wi-Fi VPN helps protect your data over open (unencrypted) Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi Alerts warn you if a Wi-Fi network may be dangerous to your privacy.
Personal ID Monitor notifies you if your personal information is found on the dark web.
Theft Alerts  notify you if suspicious activity is detected.
Safe Browsing analyzes and warns you about suspicious websites.

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AT&T Call Protect2

(Android and iOS)
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Automatic Fraud Blocking detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters before they reach you.
Spam Risk Blocking blocks or sends to voicemail calls identified as Spam Risk.
Nuisance Call Warnings alerts you on potential nuisance calls from telemarketers, debt collectors and more.
Unknown Call Blocking unwanted calls by adding the number to your personal block list.
Siri Shortcuts enables blocking and reporting of unwanted calls with voice commands
Caller ID identifies unknown caller details.
Reverse Number Lookup provides details when you enter a U.S. number.
Custom Call Controls lets you choose call categories to accept, block, or send to voicemail.

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AT&T Mobile Security and AT&T Call Protect
(Subscription auto renews and
billed monthly unless canceled.)
AT&T Mobile Security1
Device Security
Breach Reports
Secure Wi-Fi VPN
Wi-Fi Alerts
Personal ID Monitor
Theft Alerts
Safe Browsing
AT&T Call Protect²
Automatic Fraud Blocking
Spam Risk Blocking
Nuisance Call Warnings
Personal Block List
Unknown Call Blocking
Caller ID
Reverse Number Lookup
Custom Call Controls

Frequently asked questions

  • What security features are included with AT&T Unlimited Plans?
    Standard mobile security includes access to the free version of our Call Protect Basic and Mobile Security Basic apps. Advanced mobile security for Unlimited Extra and Elite customers still includes access to Call Protect Basic, but upgrades your Mobile Security app to Mobile Security Plus.
  • What is AT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect?

    AT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect are 2 free mobile apps that help reduce your chances of becoming a victim of fraud.

    AT&T Mobile Security:

    Helps ensure your device is secure and protected.
    Provides important alerts about security for your device
    Delivers updates about corporate breaches that could affect your personal data

    AT&T Call Protect:

    Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters
    Alerts you of telemarketers and suspected spam calls
    Lets you block unwanted callers in the app with Personal Block List

  • What is AT&T Mobile Security PLUS & Call Protect PLUS?

    AT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect premium PLUS services cost $3.99/month and provide additional features for both AT&T Mobile Security and AT&T Call Protect for the ultimate control.

    AT&T Mobile Security PLUS:

    Secure Wi-Fi® VPN helps protect your data over open (unencrypted) Wi-Fi connections.
    Wi-Fi Alerts notify you when a Wi-Fi network you join may be dangerous to your privacy.
    Breach Reports alert you about important data breaches along with helpful tips.
    Theft Alerts notify you via email if suspicious activity is detected on your phone. (Available only on Android smartphones.)

    AT&T Call Protect PLUS:

    Caller ID provides details for callers that are not in your address book.*
    Reverse Number Lookup lets you enter any U.S. number to get caller details.
    Custom Call Controls let you block, send to voicemail, or accept calls by category.

    *Available in HD Voice coverage area. Learn more.

AT&T Mobile Security FAQ

  • How is my Android device protected from unsafe apps and files?

    AT&T Mobile Security scans Android apps and the operating system and notifies you if threats are detected. If an unsafe app or file is found during installation, during a security scan, or while actively monitoring file systems, the Security tab on the Dashboard will turn red until you take action.

    Note: Apps and files are not automatically deleted when threats are detected.  You are responsible for taking appropriate action to remove or remediate any detected threats.

  • Does my Android device have the latest operating system installed?

    The System Advisor feature confirms that your Android operating system contains the latest operating system software & security updates. It will detect if your device has been rooted,* which makes it vulnerable to security threats.

    *Not guaranteed to detect or prevent roots or other unauthorized app installation(s).

  • What is Secure Wi-Fi VPN and why do I need it?

    Secure Wi-Fi VPN helps protect your data when you are using an open (unencrypted) Wi-Fi connection.

    Open (unencrypted) Wi-Fi connections may exist in restaurants, hotels, airports, etc. The Secure Wi-Fi VPN creates a private tunnel for your data when you are using an open Wi-Fi hotspot to protect you from Wi-Fi snooping during important tasks like email, financial transactions, and browsing the web.

    Secure Wi-Fi VPN only works in the United States including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and U.S. Virgin Islands. It does not work when using certain video streaming apps.
    For a complete list see the AT&T Mobile Security Terms and Conditions.

AT&T Call Protect FAQ

  • How do I opt out of Fraud Risk Blocking and Spam Risk Blocking?
  • How do you decide which calls to block?
    AT&T Call Protect automatically blocks likely fraud calls. These are calls suspected of attempting to defraud consumers. AT&T Call Protect identifies suspicious calls through data analytics, network intelligence, and reports from customers.
  • How many numbers can I add to my Personal Block List?
    There is no limit in the amount of numbers you can add to your Personal Block List.