Current and expired promotions info

Current and expired promotions info

Find current and expired promo details for
bundled, wireless, AT&T PREPAID, and internet services.

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Info about bill credits


Accepted an offer with bill credits?

  • You must meet all offer requirements to get the bill credit.
  • In most cases, your service must remain active for at least the specified length of time of the offer to get the bill credit.
  • Your service also needs to remain in good standing.

When you meet all the offer requirements, our monthly bill credits start within 3 bill periods.

Types of offer bill credits

  • One time - We'll apply the full credit amount to your bill once you've met the offer requirements.
  • Monthly - We'll apply credits to your bill in equal amounts each month of your agreement term.
  • Other offers - We'll apply the credits to your bill as outlined in the offer terms given to you at the time of sale. Individual offers may differ in how the credits are applied.


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