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Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I find my AT&T user ID or reset my password?

    Looking for your wireless, TV, internet, or home phone info? Here’s how to find it.

    User ID
    Find your user ID or choose Forgot user ID on the myAT&T sign-in page. Make sure you have the email address associated with that ID. If you can’t remember the email address, select Forgot contact email.

    Can’t find the account you’re looking for when you sign in? You may have more than one User ID. Use Forgot contact email to search for your User IDs.

    Reset your password or select Forgot password on the myAT&T sign-in page.

  • How do I pay my AT&T bill?

    Pay AT&T bills online

    Sign in and make a payment for your wireless, internet, tv, or home phone bill using your checking or savings account. We also accept American Express®, Discover®, Mastercard®, and Visa® debit or credit cards.
    Don’t want to sign in? No problem. Choose the fast payment option. https://www.att.com/acctmgmt/fastpay

  • Where can I see explanation of charges?

    I don’t have published content, but this is a top call driver and this link provides a good experience for the customer.  Something like

    Sign in to  View Bill   and look for “See what’s Changed”

  • Can I make payment arrangements for my bill?

    If you can’t pay your bill by your due date, you may be eligible to set up a payment arrangement. It keeps your service active while letting us know when and how you’ll pay your balance. Here’s how to set one up:

    1. Go to Make a payment arrangement.
    2. Pick the date you want to schedule your payment (not all dates are available and late fees may apply). 
    3. Select your payment method and follow the prompts.
    4. Review the payment details, then select Submit.

    Learn more about payment arrangements

  • How do I check for outages in my area?

    Check for outages at att.com/outages.

    Get news about outages
    Check for outages, troubleshoot issues for AT&T services, and sign up for AT&T Internet outage notifications.

  • How can I improve my Internet speeds?

    Optimize your connection
    With work and school both happening at home, everyone is using the internet. Find tips to get the most from your internet.

    Use Smart Home Manager
    Have AT&T Internet or Fixed Wireless Internet? With AT&T Smart Home Manager, it’s easy to see what’s happening with your home network and manage it. You can:

    • See and change your Wi-Fi name and password
    • Manage connected devices
    • Test internet speed to your Wi-Fi gateway
    • Create profiles and turn on parental controls
    • Troubleshoot and get support from our virtual assistant

    Ready to check it out? Sign in to Smart Home Manager or download the app to your mobile device.

    Heads up: Smart Home Manager is available if you have a compatible Wi-Fi gateway. You can buy AT&T Smart Wi-Fi Extender(s) separately.

    Explore speed upgrades
    If faster speeds are available at your address, you can upgrade through myAT&T. See what you can get.

  • Can I temporarily suspend any of my AT&T services online?

    Suspend service
    You can place residential AT&T Internet, AT&T Phone, U-verse TV, DIRECTV, or Fixed Wireless Internet on a temporary hold for 60 days.. To be eligible for a suspension, your service has to have been active for 30 days, and your account must be current. During this time you:

    • Will have limited or no access to the service(s) on hold
    • Won’t have a monthly plan charge.
    • May be responsible for monthly equipment or other AT&T fees as well as any applicable surcharges and taxes.

    Have AT&T Internet, AT&T Phone, or U-verse TV on a combined bill? You can’t suspend these services individually.  A request to suspend will apply to all of these services on the combined bill.

    Heads up: We can’t process an online suspend request for business accounts or if your service is already suspended.

    Submit an online suspend request

  • Can I cancel or disconnect any of the AT&T Services Online?

    You can cancel residential DSL High Speed Internet or Traditional Home Phone online (business accounts aren’t eligible). If you cancel either

    service, and change your mind, we may not be able to restore the service or phone number to your location. If your service is:

    • Part of a bundled discount, the price of remaining services (if any) may revert to then-existing price for such service.
    • Part of a combined bill, the remaining service(s) will continue to be billed unless cancelled.
    • Subject to a term plan, you’ll be subject to any early termination fee associated with that plan. Submit an online disconnect request