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Speed & reliability make AT&T Internet the smart choice

for keeping your home connected.

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AT&T Internet

Your home is only as smart as your internet

Get everything you need to manage and maximize your home network. Reduce Wi-Fi dead zones, connect more devices and manage them remotely, and experience true 21st century living.

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Manage your network with our app

Use the free Smart Home Manager app to manage your home Wi-Fi. View connected devices, update your network password, test the speed and health of your Wi-Fi connection, and more.

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A smarter router

Enjoy seamless, wall-to-wall Wi-Fi coverage with our Smart Wi-Fi technology. It selects the best and fastest connection wherever you are in the home to give you fast, reliable, and secure internet.

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Fresh tech makes your
home smarter


    Control your music and other devices with your voice


    Update your entertainment for a jaw-dropping TV experience


    AT&T Wi-Fi extenders help eliminate dead zones in your home


    Fiber-fast internet speeds

    Get our fastest upload and download speeds on our 100% fiber network, perfect for smart home devices, multiple users, non-stop streaming, and gaming.

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    Smart internet for a smart house

    A smart home can’t function without internet. Get everything online and connected with AT&T internet that exceeds 99% reliability*, or see if AT&T Fiber is in your area for even faster connection speeds. 

    Set up your Wi-Fi

    The AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway is more than just a router, it’s a fast lane for all your devices. Our latest Wi-Fi technology selects the best and fastest connection and helps keep your network secure and your internet running smoothly throughout your entire home. 

    Accessories for your connected home

    Smart home devices include digital assistants, Bluetooth speakers, video doorbells, smart TVs, security systems, and any other device you can connect to the internet for an automated home system.

    Manage your smart home

    Once your internet and Wi-Fi network are set up, you can see all your connected smart devices with our Smart Home Manager app. Check to make sure your network is running properly, update passwords, and of course manage your smart devices.