Worth the wait

Buy your favorite phones and tablets online at discounted prices. As part of our quality assurance process, all phones and tablets must pass a quality inspection to ensure the device works and looks as good as new.


Down to the Details

AT&T Certified Restored devices undergo a series of rigorous tests and inspections and are repaired, refaced, and updated with the latest software.  Our AT&T experts test every AT&T Certified Restored device to make sure our customers receive the highest quality replacement phones and tablets.


Key categories we test

Power – Check battery charge status with charger as
well as power up test with battery.
Audio – Verify speakers and Bluetooth® function
Display – Confirm there are no dead pixels, images on
screen are clear, LED lights function, all colors are
sharp, touchscreen and camera work.
Port – Verify USB and SD card connect and card
reads correctly.
Connectivity – Ensure strong phone reception and
Wi-Fi network functions properly.
Keypad & Software – Authenticate buttons and keys
properly work and make sure software is up to date.


The finishing touches

We test our AT&T Certified Restored devices inside and out. Refurbished phones and tablets are checked for any cosmetic damage.

Damage – Inspect for scratches, dents, discoloration,
as well as all connectors for debris and corrosion.
Alignment – Check position of buttons and housing.
Missing Parts – Confirm all parts have been added.


Devices with benefits

Find top-rated phones and tablets at low-end prices. AT&T Certified Restored devices are practical alternatives to buying new. Buy eco-conscious and save up to 75% off of name-brand phones and tablets. Enjoy a 90-day warranty and 14-day no-risk return policy.

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Warranty and Additional Information
Credit approval, two-year agreement and other restrictions apply to AT&T service. In order to protect AT&T and its customers from fraudulent activity, we limit the number of phones and services that may be ordered online by a single individual or entity.