Ringback Tones

A great way to personalize your phone!
Don't bore callers with traditional ringing sounds as they wait for you to answer - entertain them!

Choose from a huge selection

  • Favorite songs
  • Top music hits
  • Celebrity voice snippets
  • Hilarious sound effects

Treat that special someone to "your song"
Designate when you want callers to hear a specific Ringback Tone or assign a tone to a specific phone number, group of callers, or to all callers. You can also shuffle your Ringback Tone library so a different selection plays each time you receive a call.

Setting up Ringback Tones is easy
It's a snap to set up on your phone. Just buy your first Ringback Tone and your subscription automatically begins.

And costs so little
Ringback Tones typically cost $1.99 and require a separate $0.99 monthly subscription fee. Ringback Tones generally expire after 180 days. Monthly subscription fee does not expire until service is cancelled by customer at 1-800-331-0500 or 611 on your wireless handset.

Prepaid GoPhone® customers are not charged a monthly subscription fee but pay an additional $1.00 delivery fee in addition to the purchase price of each Ringback Tone.

Buy Ringback Tones

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