Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight - Black

Mophie Powerstation Go Rugged Flashlight



  • Tough, powerful, and bright, mophie’s all-new powerstation go rugged flashlight can jump start your vehicle in an emergency and light the way. Plus, the USB-A port allows you to charge your smartphone or tablet as well. The mophie powerstation go flashlight includes a bright work light that’s ideal for changing a tire in the dark or just searching your trunk. Whether you’re stuck with a dead car battery or a dead phone battery, the mophie powerstation go rugged flashlight lets you stay powerful in just about any situation.

    Car jump starter: The powerstation go rugged flashlight easily jump starts a full-sized car or SUV.

    Jumper cables included: Get back on the road in no-time with easy-to-use mini jumper cables.

    LED flashlight: The extra bright 450 lumens LED bulb brightens any dark situation.

    LED work light: This extra light includes an SOS feature for added visibility.

    Rugged exterior: A rugged, hard exterior protects the powerstation go rugged flashlight from bumps and falls.

    Conveniently charge your device: Charge your smartphone or tablet with the USB-A port.

    Easy and safe: Easy-to-read indicator lights, spark-proof jumper cables, and built-in safety checks keep you and your vehicle’s battery safe.

    Convenient carrying pouch: The included pouch keeps all the accessories organized and includes instructions printed right on it for easy reference.


    • Contains a 36,630mWh internal battery

    • Car jump starter

    • 450 Lumens LED flashlight

    • 12W USB-A port

    • Secondary LED work/SOS light

    • Easy grip texture

    • Includes lanyard

    © 2020 mophie inc. mophie, powerstation, juice pack, the five-circles design, and the mophie logo are trademarks of mophie inc. All rights reserved. Patents: owners. All features, functionality, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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  • Key Features

    • Car jump starter
    • Jumper cables included
    • LED flashlight
    • LED work light

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