Samsung AKG Corded Earbuds


  • Truly undistorted & lossless sound
  • Richer & more balanced sound
  • Inline remote & microphone
  • 2-way speakers (11mm, 8mm dynamic)
  • Immerse yourself in music or movie with the Samsung type–C earphones. Simply plug the earphones in your compatible type–C smartphone or tablet & you are ready to go!

    Find your perfect fit with different sized eartips. You can easily take a phone call or control your music without touching your device with an in-line remote and microphone. Tuned by AKG, these earphones provide rich and balanced sound letting you enjoy every detail.

    Key Features

    • Truly undistorted and lossless sound: Compared to 3.5mm headphone jack, type-c has the divider and extra wire

    to separate left and right sound signals by the balanced output technology. Type-C earphones provide truly undistorted sound which is much closer to the original sound recorded in studio.

    • Richer and more balanced sound: With sound by AKG and the 2-way speaker units, type-C earphones deliver clear and balanced sound.
    • Secure & comfortable design: The in-ear and lightweight design along with multiple sizes of ear tip options guarantee comfort.


    • Type-C earphones with fabric wire & built in remote & microphone
    • 3 sets of eartips included (S,M,L)
    • 2 way speakers (11mm, 8mm dynamic)
    • Weight: 18.24g
    • Tuned by AKG

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