Mophie Snap+ Wireless Stand - Black


  • Stream movies or make video calls without worrying about a low battery! The all-new snap+ powerstation stand charges your iPhone 12 and more in an ultra-versatile package. An adjustable stand folds out to turn the powerstation into a portable stand that charges your phone while you text or stream. The snap+ powerstation stand also includes a standard ¼ inch tripod socket to take your video calls to the next level. The magnetic array ensures charging begins on contact, so you get the perfect charge every time.

    Key features

    Contains a 10,000 mAh Battery: Outlast any video call with an extra boost of power when you need it most.

    Compatible with MagSafe and more: The magnetic array on the snap+ powerstation stand is compatible with MagSafe iPhones and any Qi-enabled smartphone, including Apple, Samsung, and Google phones.

    Accurate placement: The magnetic array ensures charging begins on contact, so you get the perfect charge every time.

    Two steps to charge: The magnetic array makes attaching and removing the snap+ powerstation simple. Just attach to the back of your device and turn it on for power on demand.

    Wireless charging: It’s wireless all around! The snap+ powerstation stand wirelessly charges your phone and can be recharged wirelessly with any Qi-enabled pad or stand.

    Versatile USB-C port: Use the USB-C port to recharge the snap+ powerstation stand in record time or use that same port to charge another device.

    Tripod socket: Conveniently includes a standard ¼ inch - 20 threads/square inch tripod socket for video calls or video streaming.

    Landscape and portrait mode: Easily switch between charging in landscape or portrait mode.

    Adjustable stand: A handy stand folds out when you want to prop your phone up and folds back in when you just want to charge.

    Snap adapter included: Attach the metallic ring to any smartphone, regardless of brand, to make it compatible.

    LED power indicator: The integrated four-light LED power indicator displays charging status and the current battery life.


    • Input / Output Power: USB-C PD Tethered 1-Meter Cable Input: 5V??3A, 9V??2.22AWireless Charging Output: up to 15W

    • Dimensions: 3.54 x 2.17 x 5.45 in (90 x 138 x 90 mm)

    • Weight: 8.29 oz (235g)

    What’s in the box?

    • snap+ wireless charging stand

    • 20W USB-C wall adapter

    • snap adapter

    • Install kit

    • Quick-start guide

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  • Key Features

    • Contains a 10,000mAh battery
    • Compatible with MagSafe and more
    • Landscape and portrait mode
    • Adjustable stand

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