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This tutorial walks through how to set up and use the Reminders feature.

  1. Reminders lets you keep track of all the things you need to do. To use Reminders, tap Reminders on the Home screen.
    device 2861/1469366.jpg
  2. To create a new set of reminders, tap the Menu icon.
    Note: You might need to choose an account.
    device 2861/1469367.jpg
  3. Tap Create New List.
    device 2861/1469369.jpg
  4. Enter the desired list name.
    device 2861/1469370.jpg
  5. Tap Done.
    device 2861/1469371.jpg
  6. To add an item, tap the Add icon.
    device 2861/1469372.jpg
  7. Enter the desired item, then tap return to add additional items.
    device 2861/1469373.jpg
  8. Tap the > icon next to an item to add additional information.
    device 2861/1469374.jpg
  9. Edit as desired, then tap Done.
    device 2861/1469375.jpg

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