AT&T Velocity USB Stick (MF861)

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AT&T Velocity USB Stick (MF861)

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Reset device

Perform a soft, factory, and alternate master reset of the device.


Connect to laptop

This article describes how to connect a laptop.

Device layout

Hardware features and software navigation of your device.

External antenna

This article describes how to connect an external antenna.

Insert SIM card

Install and remove the SIM. The device comes with a nano-SIM card preinstalled.

LED indicators

This article provides an overview of the status n indicators.

Management Website

Access the management website to view connection strength, network information, read ATnT messages, access settings and view device information.


Connect to AT&T Network

This article describes how to connect to the ATnT Network.

Mac OS Driver

Install the Mac OS driver to improve throughput. (Recommended for Mac OS 10.10)

Signal & cellular data

View cellular network signal, turn international roaming or your mobile data connection on or off.